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Striker Corbin's original self-hypnosis recordings provide listeners with calming, contemplative, and encouraging inductions - set to tranquil music to help you achieve your goals.  Choose from the selection below.


Each approximately 25 mins.  MP3's  $9.99 (No additional fees) 

Listening to Music

"Just listened to the recording, it's very powerful.  Thank you very much."  

-Nancy Dee

"Your Personalized MP3 was exactly what I was looking for!  

I will be ordering more from you in the future. 


Have a great day and thank you!" 


-G.P. Johnstown, Ohio

Man with Headphones
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PERSONALIZED MP3 - Outstanding results for an unbeatable price.  
You tell us!  Just give us information about the goal that you wish to achieve and Striker will create an original hypnosis induction personalized just for you!∗

  1.  Order the Recording

  2.  Click here to provide us with your individual details.  You can also email Striker directly or call 631-265-2982.   What do you want to achieve?

Yoga on SUP

LOSE WEIGHT - No more yo-yo dieting.  Permanently improve your thoughts and feelings towards food and your body.  Let Striker teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle!


Father & Daughter

STOP SMOKING - Once your subconscious mind believes you are a non-smoker... You are!  Join thousands of success stories -  QUIT TODAY!


Reach the Top

LIFE IS GOOD - The highly popular mood-lifting CD that helps you feel positive and optimistic.  Put The Law of Attraction to work for you!


Meditation by the Sea

IT'S WITHIN YOU - You were born with an intimate knowledge of love, joy, and success.  Over time we have covered our strengths with incorrect beliefs.  Take back your life by listening to this amazingly enlightening CD.


Business Meeting

CONFIDENCE: POWER BOOST - Confidence and self-esteem provide the foundation for all success ... increase yours today!



PUBLIC SPEAKING - Deliver sensational presentations by conquering your fear of speaking in public.  Also great for excelling in interviews, or "necessary" small talk.


Burst of Light

PAST LIFE REGRESSION - Use hypnosis to uncover new insights and to develop an understanding of your past enabling you to live happier & more abundant in this lifetime!


Marathon Runners

PEAK ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE - Top athletes understand that focus and attitude are as important to achievement as skill.  Improve your game: Golf, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming, etc..


Woman Stalked in Garage

OVERCOME FEAR & WORRY - Life is too short to be controlled by stresses, fears, or phobias.  Rid yourself of them NOW!


*All recordings will be made in accordance with acceptable standards and ethics of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  We reserve the right to approve or disapprove requests.  Should a request be denied, consumer will be given an alternative choice or a refund of money paid.

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