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Striker Corbin Hypnosis

Check out the different areas of your life that you can work on with Striker Corbin.  Whether you want to stop smoking, control your eating, or simply have better relationships or more confidence, then sit down with Striker to discover how!

Stop Smoking Today!

(and yes, now vaping, too)   Testimonials

Striker Corbin has an amazing Success Rate helping individuals quit smoking in just 

 While some may take two or three sessions, consider how much hard earned money you will save once you no longer need cigarettes.

Email or call and see how hypnosis can

end your smoking habit TODAY!


Choose three sessions to combat your

smoking habit FOREVER!

The discounted 3-Session Package provides support to help you through the toughest urges.  

You decide when you want the extra reinforcement.

  • 1st session:  Great success... you're on your way.

  • 2nd session:  Personalized program for YOU and those times YOU crave cigarettes.

  • 3rd session:  Reaffirm your motivation.  Finalize your commitment to being a non-smoker forever!

After losing his father, aged 59, to the effects of smoking, Striker became determined to help others succeed in breaking the habit and enjoying a rich life.  Striker Corbin's Hypnosis will help you quit your smoking habit and replace it with new, positive, life-building tools.

Schedule an appointment today for a safe, natural, highly effective way to stop smoking without side effects or weight gain. 

Besides a large sum of money, what is smoking costing you? Your relationships? Your health? Your spirit? Your pride? ... Your future?

Weight Loss

Lose Weight - Healthy Lifestyle

Dieting can be a lonely, tedious, impossible struggle.  With the guidance and support of Striker Corbin, you will master the real and permanent changes you need to make to lose weight and


  • Exude attractiveness. Improve your self-esteem by enjoying your image.

  • Self-confidence is the foundation from which all human success is achieved.

  • Experience new levels of self-discipline.

  • End constant yo-yo dieting.​

  • Take control of your life NOW!

  • Success in achieving your weight loss goal spills into other areas of your life.

The groundwork of all happiness is health. 

James Leigh Hunt

Take control of your weight, your health and your fitness. Surge with new energy as you reach goals that you thought were unattainable.

Hypnosis makes it Easy!​

Llifting Weights
Preparing Food

Build Confidence

Striker Corbin works as a professional Motivational Speaker and has addressed audiences across the nation on the topics of self-improvement, leadership, and finding confidence.

Striker will guide you in boosting your confidence to a new level.  Your abilities will surge with new energy and your initial successes will create a foundation for greater fulfillment!

Your dreams, your talents, your relationships, your career, your achievements, your perseverance, and your resilience all rely upon the strength of your self-confidence.

Learn the tools to improve your:

  • Public Speaking

  • Meeting New People / Dating 

  • Standing up for yourself

  • Your Golf, Tennis, or Poker Game

  • Ability to Exude Attractiveness

  • Personal Success

  • Overcome Fears, Limiting Beliefs, and Past Mistakes

Self-confidence is the foundation from which all human

success is achieved.

Young Driver
Woman by The Sea
Smiling Businessman
Stones of Meaning

Manage Stress & Fears

Striker Corbin teaches the Law of Attraction and the power of your thoughts and emotions.

If you understand the placebo effect then look up and learn about the nocebo effect.  Negative thoughts and emotions often brought on by stress and fears leads to illness, sickness, and insomnia.

Learn how to control your focus.  Why? Because what you focus on you attract into your life. 


Striker teaches you how to be calm, confident,

and in control!

Use hypnosis to:

  • Take control of your life

  • End substance abuse

  • No more nail biting

  • Stop destructive gambling habits

  • Eliminate insomnia

  • End panic attacks

  • Find happiness

The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in many ways.


This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances.

Happy Family
Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment
Yoga Session
Reaching Out to the Sun
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