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Client Feedback - Weight Loss
Learn to Fly Above the Crowds
from Stiker's Weight loss Clients
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I have combined your hypnosis with my diet plan and I have to tell you that for the first time I am actually keeping the weight off.  I usually lose weight but I could never seem to keep it off.  With your help, especially your coaching/motivation, I am maintaining a great form.  Thanks.
-Kim C., Huntington
I can't say that it's always easy, but the weight is slowly dropping  And I don't crave sweets as much...
-Lisa P., Setauket
In my profession, I am not comfortable telling people about how you have helped me.  People expect me to have all the answers and don't expect me to rely on others for personal problems.  I apologize for not being able to praise you aloud, but perhaps one day I will.  In the meantime, I want to thank you for the guidance you have offered me in the past seven months.  I could not have done it alone!
-Helen, Manhasset
You helped me change the way I think about food.  I eat like a healthy person pretty much.  Twenty down ... forty to go - but I can do it!
-Joe P., Selden
I have been overweight for more than twenty years and tried everything.  When I lost weight, I'd gain it all back before long.  Those days are behind me since I started hypnosis with you.  I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off. I hadn't realized what a cloak my weight was, sheltering me in uncomfortable social settings.  The greatest thing about your help is that you have helped my self-confidence while I was losing weight and I don't feel the need to hide anymore.  I am a new person and I can never thank you enough.
-Margaret J., Syosset
Thank you for a great and inspiring session. I felt completely energized and motivated afterwards. You really helped me put things into perspective.  I went grocery shopping afterwards and ... I had no desire to look at junk/sweet foods. Amazingly, none of it was even tempting to me. That's something I know came from our session.  I can't explain the overwhelming feeling I have to "keep going" and finally do this for myself. I'm glad I did this.

Thank you ... for helping me get started on my new goals.
-Maria M., Lindenhurst
Thank you so much for spending the time to listen to me and my story. I felt so full of energy yesterday when I left my session ... It was the best experience that I ever had!!!
-Debbie C., N. Babylon.
I was hypnotized by Striker Corbin, CH to lose weight. Within a month I was a size smaller. After the first session I had no desire for all the cake, candy and ice cream. Actually the thought and the sight of it made me nauseated. I am now naturally attracted to healthy foods. For example, I don't notice the junk food when I go shopping. I am healthier, feel good about myself and am excited to be around people. Thank you, Striker Corbin!
-Bobbie Klassel, Commack
 I am doing great.  I lost 13 lbs and a lot of inches. I feel better and am sticking to what I feel is right for me and it is working.
-Suffolk Y course attendee
Thank you, Striker, for a life changing experience!  Not only did I lose weight & inches, I start each day with welcomed vigor.  I feel confident and renewed with a sense of clarity like never before.  I came to you for weight loss and left with so much more!-Maureen Fleming
The Abundance Expert™
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