Third, reinforcement – The combination of your monthly meeting with Striker Corbin,  his Confidence-Building CD, and monthly phone session all work to create new habits, new feelings, and new BELIEFS!

"Believe me….it was the BEST session working with someone 
I’ve ever had… I consider you to be a very powerful 
influence towards my successful future." - Mitch S.

Working with Striker Corbin is an intensive one-on-one experience designed to meet your individual needs.  The program helps you establish your specific goals and apply proven actions where you achieve the results you deserve.  

Striker Corbin’s Transformational Coaching includes:

Stress level
Sleep pattern
Healthful Habits

Striker Corbin, CH * Professional Speaker * Certified Hypnotist * Personal and Personnel Development
Hauppauge, Long Island, New York
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Coaching: Total Life Makeover
Have a dream or ideal image of 
who you would like to be?
Assess your circumstances.  In how many of the following areas of your life are you completely satisfied?  If you dream about improving more than two of the following areas, then Striker Corbin's Success Coaching  Total Makeover Program is right for you. 
Call to speak with Striker   
Financial profile
 Vacations Security
Spiritual Life
Personal CODE
Striker Corbin will help you determine an attainable goal list ... use your imagination ... and help you achieve every item on it.

Join countless Success Coaching clients who have achieved a profoundly improved lifestyle ... a life they love, are proud of, and attracts others to them.
Striker Corbin's Total Makeover Program is suitable for individuals who choose to make drastic and dramatic permanent improvements in their lives. 
Work with Striker Corbin 
in office or via Telephone

You will see a difference in your thinking in after only 
ONE session

Call 631-265-2982 or
Email Striker at:
[email protected]
LEARN about "Creating your Reality", "The Law of Attraction" and how to live the life you desire ... 

Read "THE ANSWERS to your questions about life."

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Free Goal Worksheet
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Striker Corbin 
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What a break-through!!!  I still cannot believe it!  I never thought that there was truth to the fact that there was a reason that I ate that way, now I know there was!  I feel as though now that we've identified it, I can change it.  Thank you so much Striker!  

Also, the new CD is great!  I am really enjoying it and you included many important concepts.  Thank you so much! - Mandi L.
Thank you for a great and inspiring session.  I felt completely energized and motivated afterwards. You really helped me put things into perspective.  As I mentioned during our session, I went grocery shopping afterwards and Ironically, I had no desire to look at junk/sweet foods. Amazingly, none of it was even tempting to me.  That's something I know came from our session.  I can't explain the overwhelming feeling I have to "keep going" and finally do this for myself. I'm glad I did this.
-Gary S.
I can't say thank you enough for all you have done.  You are a magnetic and special person with a talent of bringing out the best in others.  You are truly in the right profession and will undoubtedly touch many lives.  I came to you for weight loss and left with so much more.  This new business idea is exciting and I'm eager to get started, so you can be sure to hear from me some time soon.  

Thank you Striker for a life changing experience.  Not only did I lose weight & inches, I start each day with welcomed vigor.  I feel confident and renewed with a sense of clarity like never before.  I came to you for weight loss and left with so much more.
I could keep going, but sometimes less is more. Feel free to edit it and attach my full name.  Again, thank you so much. 
Sincerely, Maureen F.
What They're Saying:
Register for Striker Corbin's Transformational Coaching Program (6 Months - $600)
Transformational Coaching Program 
PLUS Hypnosis (6 Months - $700)
Includes reg. Transformational program plus an additional hypnosis segment added to your monthly personal session
Transformational Coaching Program 
Telephone Sessions Only (6 Months - $500)
Additional Options:
First, Striker will help you develop the mindset necessary for success.  Successful, confident, abundant individuals think, feel, and act a certain way.  

Learn that mindset
Second, you will learn how to take inspired action.  Whether it’s learning how to become an effective public speaker, build your business, become more fit, or create a confident more focused you, you will learn strategies that are easy to implement.
 It’s time to stop dreaming and 
wishing for those changes...

Begin Striker's Whole Transformational 6-month Program.  In six short months, you will be able to celebrate who you became.
Ever think to yourself that I want to be healthier but I just don’t know how?  Do you need to be more confident?  Interested in growing your charisma?  

Register Here and We Will Contact You
 Listen here and find out more:
Pay for Transformational Coaching Program PLUS Hypnosis in Monthly Installments 
(6 Months - $120 automatically charged to your CC each month.)