Striker Corbin, CH
Professional Speaker * Certified Hypnotist
Personal and Personnel Development
Hypnosis Smithtown Quit Smoking, weight loss
Hauppauge, Long Island, New York
After losing his father, aged 59, to the effects of smoking, Striker became determined to help others succeed in breaking the habit and enjoying a rich life.  Striker Corbin's Hypnosis will help you quit your smoking habit and replace it with new, positive, life-building tools.  

Schedule an appointment today for a safe, natural, highly effective way to stop smoking without side effects or weight gain. 

Besides a large sum of money, what is smoking costing you? 
Your relationships?
Your health? Your spirit? Your pride? ... Your future?
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Prepay three sessions to combat your smoking habit FOREVER!   Package provides support to help you through the toughest urges.  You decide when you want the extra reinforcement.
1st session:  Great success... you're on your way.
2nd session:  Personalized program for YOU and those times YOU crave cigarettes.
3rd session:  Reaffirm your motivatiion.  Finalize your commitment to beign a non-                     smoker forever!

Three sessions $295.00

Regularly:  Initial Session....$135    Follow-up Sessions....$95

Stop Smoking
"I truly want to thank you for saving my life from the hell I used to call smoking ... I honestly can say I am a non-smoker and it feels outstanding."          -William Pollina 
Striker Corbin has an amazing Success Rate helping individuals quit smoking in just 

 While some may take two or three sessions, consider how much hard earned money you will save  once you no longer need cigarettes.

Email or call and see how hypnosis can end your smoking habit TODAY!
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Striker Corbin 
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