Discover secrets to your present life by peeking
into your wonderful past lives!
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  Created by Striker Corbin-
Striker Corbin, CH
Professional Speaker * Certified Hypnotherapist
Personal and Personnel Development

Hauppauge, Long Island, New York

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Past Life Regression
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Striker Corbin 
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LEARN MORE - The ANSWERS to your questions about Life
By Karen L. Garvey  

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"The Answers is a must read for the beginner who is seeking information about spiritual understanding or for the veterans that are still seeking more knowledge. The material in this book will bring great comfort, knowledge, and everlasting peace- and if you follow the principals- it WILL change your life.."

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Guide yourself back to discover your past lives!

Use hypnosis to uncover new insights and to develop an understanding of your past enabling you to live happier & more abundant in this lifetime!
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Self-Hypnosis CD
by Striker Corbin, CH


Self-Hypnosis CD
by Striker Corbin, CH
Approx. 20 mins