Striker Corbin, CH
Professional Speaker * Certified Hypnotist
Personal and Personnel Development
Hypnosis Smithtown Quit Smoking, weight loss
Hauppauge, Long Island, New York


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Lose Weight 
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Striker Corbin 
Hypnosis & Success Coaching                            631.265.2982
Dieting can be a lonely, tedious, impossible struggle alone.  With the guidance and support of Striker Corbin, you will master the real and permanent changes you need to make to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF!
  • Exude attractiveness. Improve your self-esteem by enjoying your image.
  • Self-confidence is the foundation from which all human success is achieved.
  • Experience new levels of self-discipline.  End constant yo-yo dieting.  
  • Take control of you life NOW!
  • Success in achieving your weight loss goal spills into other areas of your life.  

Take control of your weight, your health and your fitness. Surge with new energy as you reach goals that you thought were unattainable.  
Hypnosis makes it Easy!​
Package provides support to help you through the toughest urges.  You decide when you want the extra reinforcement.
JUMPSTART your success with  
1st session:  Great success... you're on your way.

2nd session:  Personalized program for YOU and those times YOUR motivation is not at its peak.

3rd session:  Reaffirm your motivatiion.  Finalize your commitment to becoming fit forever!
Three sessions $295.00
Regularly:  Initial Session....$135
 Follow-up Sessions....$95
Weight Loss