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May 27, 2005 Friday 3:33 pm(First day of Book Writing)

Resourceful people often say that there is no end to what a human can accomplish.  I am here to attest to that fact.  Life on earth is magical, if only you reach for the tools that are buried deep within you.  

Mathematics has proven facts that are primarily not denied.  But what if I told you that even basic mathematical principles are false, that they are illusory?  Would you believe me?  Or are you so confident in math theory and hypotheses that you do not doubt its accuracy and relevance?

Not only is mathematics illusory, but so is science.  “Proven” facts are no more proven or reliable than your dreams may appear to be.  How can fallible humans, even collectively, be infallible simply as a consequence of walking into a laboratory?  How often is information that is deemed “fact” later withdrawn or proven otherwise?

Results in scientific experiments are corrupted by the fact that scientists are human.  Their thoughts, emotions, and expectations blend seamlessly with the experiments themselves, thus corrupting the outcome.  As disciplined as a person may be, he or she is human above all else, and humans have the ability to emote, daydream, judge, and create.  These qualities, wonderful and powerful in the game of life, simply do not lend themselves for non-corrupt evidence.

Feel free to interrupt.  State your thoughts and contradictions aloud.  Observe the rapidity with which your mind absorbs, connects with, or rejects information.  You are simply reading a book teaching the true path to happiness and you cannot contain your mind to quiet down long enough to simply read.  Your mind is interactive, and rightly so.  A scientist’s mind is also interactive.  It does not rest on command, nor is the command to rest made to begin with.

What else can we observe about the “mind?”  Where is it located?  In the brain?  If you lose your mind, does your brain fall out and your auto-response system cease to function?  No.  Your mind cannot be seen, touched, handled, contained, modified, or understood.  It is intangible, yet it directs all your activities.  

How little is known about one of the elements that makes you uniquely human.  You cannot stop your mind from working; you cannot touch it.  You know it is there, but you don’t know where.  You know that without it you could not function as a human being, yet little effort is extended to “know your own mind.”  

If experiments on concretes are fallible, imagine the impossible task of proving the characteristics and parameters of an intangible?  The mind cannot be examined.  Perhaps you are considering the reams of evidence that science has uncovered by observing individuals who have lost or damaged different lobes or physical components of the brain.  What these observations connote is that different areas of the physical brain control different functions of the human being.  Left unnoticed is a connection between the brain and the workings of the mind.  One may not remember [occurrences] after damage to the brain, but does he or she still dream?  Have the properties of the individual’s emotions been altered, not observable behavior, but personal emotions?   

The mind is elusive.  But it is real.  

What else is real that you cannot see or experiment on?  Souls?  Are souls real?  Can science answer this question?  Can a person live without a soul or can a soul live without a person?

The answers to the last question is “no” and “yes.”  A person cannot exist without a soul, but a soul can exist without the physical vehicle that you call the human body.  How do I know that this is true?  Because I am a soul without a physical manifestation.  Karen Garvey has agreed to tell my story in an effort to guide humans to the path of happiness.

Could Karen have conceived the content of this book from her own mind?  Perhaps.  You are an intelligent being – you decide.  I expect you to be an active participant in the reading, absorbing, and applying of the material contained herein, and you can begin by deciding for yourself if Karen authored this material or not.  She has nothing to prove to you.  Her goal in participating is simply to expose you to material that can and will bring you happiness, a commendable goal and one that provides the necessary conditions for me to communicate through her.

Read on knowing this: Your life will not be the same if you earnestly read and apply the content of this book.  Your life will be better, happier, safer, and more enjoyable in every area strictly because of the messages in this text.  What do you have to lose?

Simultaneously, observe the changes, overt and subtle, that occur in your life as you read and apply the content.  Go slowly and allow new ideas to take root and flourish.  You are the only one who controls the outcome of learning from this book.  Participate, engage, think, challenge, and enjoy the process.  You have the gift of life in your hands, a life worth living.

To Your Questions About Life

Using the wisdom of past Greats, Karen Garvey gives extraordinary voice to our purpose on earth and how to use universal truth to live a very happy life. Read this modern, powerful new account of life’s meaning.  An ear for truth is all you need to employ the methods and see a remarkable improvement in your life immediately. 

If you liked THE SECRET... You will be blown away by THE ANSWERS.

The following passage is an excerpt from this book

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